Welcome to the Ffoxe’s Company website.

Captain Charles Ffoxe’s Company form part of the King’s Lifeguard Regiment of Foote, which in turn forms part of the ‘Oxford Army’ within the Royalist Army of The Sealed Knot.

The Sealed Knot brings history to life by staging events throughout the country all year round, offering a chance to experience at first hand the horrors of a nation at war with itself, as well as providing a glimpse of everyday life at those times.

You will find us a welcoming and friendly group, who will be happy to introduce you to the world of mid 17th century re-enactment.

Explore our website, and if you are interested, you can experience the exciting and fascinating world of re-enactment by joining Captain Charles Ffoxe’s Company.

For membership information, please contact our Company Adjutant.