The King’s Lifeguard Regiment of Foote was first raised in June 1642, whilst the King was in York, and 27 June was reported to be 1000 strong. Inspite of it’s name the Regiment had no specific role in the protection of the King and fought in all of the campains of the Oxford Army. Battle honours include Ripple Field, both battles of Newbury, Cropredy Bridge, the Siege of Gloucester, Lostwithiel and Naseby.

Charles Fox:

1640 – Served as Ensign in Sir William Vavasour’s Regiment of Foote in the Scot’s War (Second bishops War)

1642 – Lieutenant of his former Colonel’s Company in the King’s Lifeguard of Foote

1643 – Vasasour commissioned Commander in Chief “of all forces in any of the counties of Herefords, Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor”. On 17 July Vasasour recieved a further commission to raise a regiment of 500 horse for the King – Charles Fox becomes a Captain.
1645 – Charles Fox & Company Ensign William Berkenhead are captured at the Battle of Naseby on 14 June.   As a prisoner of war he is marched to London on 21 June, escorted by the Green & Yellow Trained band Regiments of London.
1660 – Charles Fox lived to see the Restoration and was fortunate to recieve some preferment when Charles II came to the throne, being amoungst those who claimed part of the £60,000 granted by Charles II to his “Truly-Loyal and Indigent party”
1678 – Charles Fox is bestowed as Captain to Lord Morpeth’s regiment of Foote.

A more detailed history of the Regiment can be found on the website of the English Civil War Society of America.

CHRONOLOGY of King’s Lifeguard:

1642 – July-September: Commissioned and raised.23 Oct. Battle of Edgehill ~11 Nov. Storming of Brentford ~ 13 Nov. Battle of Turnham Green ~ 9 Dec. Allotted winter quarters in Oxford.

1643 – 1 Feb. Mustered approx. 500 soldiers strong ~ 2 Feb. Storming of Cirencester (detachment present) ~ 18 Feb. Mustered approx. 600 soldiers strong ~ 10 Apr. Escape of Sir William Vavasour from Windsor ~ 11 Apr. Little Dean (detachment present) ~ 13 Apr. Battle of Ripple Field (detachment present) ~ 23 Apr. Detachment surprised at Dorchester, Oxon. ~ 25 Apr. Action at Caversham Bridge ~ 10 Aug.-5 Sept. Siege of Gloucester ~ 20 Sept. First Battle of Newbury ~ Sept. Regiment returns to Oxford.

1644 – 13 Feb. Muster in New Parks, Oxford ~ 6 Apr. Regiment marches from Oxford, approx. 350 strong ~ 10 Apr. Aldbourn Chase muster, approx. 350 strong ~ 29 June. Battle of Cropredy Bridge ~ 21 Aug. Battle of Beacon Hill, Lostwithiel ~ 31 Aug. Battle of Castle Dore, near Fowey ~ 27 Oct. Second Battle of Newbury ~ Nov. Regiment returns to Oxford.

1645 – 9 May. Mustered approx.200 soldiers ~ 30-31 May. Storming of Leicester ~ 14 June. Battle of Naseby, approx. 300 strong ~ 6 Aug. Sir Thomas Glenham’s  Regiment of Foote now march as Lifeguard ~ 24 Sept. Battle of Rowton Heath ~ 5 Nov. King Charles returns to Oxford.

1646 – May. The King surrenders to Scottish Army (Newark) ~ June 25. Keys to City of Oxford handed over to Sir Thomas Fairfax.